Is More Green Belt Land Under Threat?

Recently there has been lots of activity on the Green Belt land that is home to Diamond Farm in Saughall Massie.

Surveyors have been present on site for quite a few days, however when asked what they are doing they are remaining tight lipped.   The fields bounds Acton Lane with Meadowbrook Road and is quite some size.

It could of course be perfectly normal with the land owner, which I understand is Vyner Estates just having the land revalued, in order the renegotiate the lease with the farmer, however it could be that Vyner are thinking of selling the land to a developer, who knows?

Many years ago I understand that Redrow showed an interest in the land and I believe they lodged a document with the Land Registry which effectively give them first refusal should the land be offered for sale.  I am unsure whether that document is time limited or whether it remains on file permanently.

We will be keeping a very close eye on this matter, which appears on the back of the Fire Service wanting a chunk of Green Belt to house their new Fire Station.    If we are not careful we will lose some of our Green Belt that provides buffer zones between towns and villages.



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