Maryland Lane – Footway

During the summer, I called on homes in Maryland Lane.  Together with my colleagues, Bruce Berry and Steve Williams, we spoke with many residents about issues in our community.

The top issue here was the poor condition of the pavements to the front of the sheltered housing (or the ‘footway’ as the Town Hall calls it).

I contacted the Town Hall and asked for action to tackle this problem. As a result, some of the trees were identified as causing the damage through root growth, two were felled and the remainder cut back.

The Town Hall has advised me that it takes around six to nine months for the root growth to cease and that, in the meantime, they will fill the holes or level the pavement in those places that are a danger to residents.

The total cost for the replacement of the pavement damaged by tree root growth is around £10,000 and I have asked for this to be included in the next annual maintenance programme – which starts in April.

I have again spoken with the Council and I have reproduced their response below:

From: “Jones, Chris M. (Streetscene Manager)” 
Date: 27 October 2015 10:26:27 GMT
To: “Blakeley, Chris (Councillor)” <>
Cc: “Mallon, Julie  Nelson, Peter D.
Subject: Condition of footway Maryland lane Moreton CRM 972728

Dear Councillor Blakeley

Thank you for your enquiry regarding this area. I can confirm that an estimate is being prepared to reconstruct a section of this road in a flexible construction following the removal of the trees and roots. This work is however dependant on resources and in the meantime our inspector will monitor its condition and act when deemed necessary.


Chris M Jones

Streetscene Team Leader, Regeneration & Environment Directorate, Wirral Council

Thank you, again, to all those residents who raised this issue with us during the summer, please be assured I will keep everyone informed of progress on this matter.

Maryland Lane 22 October 2015


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