A Further update from the Council. Perhaps those in the group, Moreton Memories would like to take note.


Dear Councillors,

As you are often the first port of call for residents, I wanted you to update you about how we have been liaising with Peter Lee about issues around the re-siting of Moreton Cenotaph.

We are aware that there is quite a head of steam building around public opinion, and Peter wanted us to be aware of this, and prepare for the need to clarify what the council’s role was

The following statement has now been cleared to be used on request if we receive any calls. Please feel free to use it by way of clarification if you need to.

A spokesperson for Wirral Council said: ‘We appreciate there are strong feelings around the move of the cenotaph. However, the council’s role has been only to offer support and advice, when asked, to the Royal British Legion and submit the planning application on the RBL’s behalf.

‘The move of the cenotaph, and the details around it, including the cost, is the responsibility of the Royal British Legion. Any questions around the move would have to be addressed by the Royal British Legion.’

Press enquiries
If we receive any press enquiries, we will be referring them to the RBL press office (Louise Garrahan, PR Officer – North, Direct: 0333 011 4319, Mobile: 07826 908467, email:

Hope this helps and clarifies the matter.

Gill Gwatkin,
Press Office Manager,
Wirral Council



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