Former Foxfield School Site, Douglas Drive UPDATE #2

We have been notified by the Council that the contract award is being progressed for demolition of the school and associated buildings.  The anticipated start on site should be in the next four weeks but that needs to be confirmed.   The contract length is 16 weeks, with the first couple of weeks being internal strip including controlled asbestos removal.  Its anticipated clearance of the site will be completed somewhere around end of February 2016.    Its anticipated that approaches will be made to the Councils Planning Department by any potential developer in Spring 2016 (May /June)

We understand the Council will be sending out information about the demolition to residents who live close by, and ourselves, and giving contact details for any concerns people may have during the demolition.

Lambert Smith Hampton will be undertaking the marketing of this site on behalf of the Council and they will be approaching the major developers to enable the Council to get best value from the site rather than placing the site in an auction.  And more importantly it gives the Council control on the pace of development and any special local requirements.

The estimated value of the site for the school buildings area is circa £750,000 with a further £510,000 for the playing fields. The Department for Education guidelines are very specific in requiring any capital receipt from playing fields are reinvested into education or sports projects.

Due to a number of break-ins at the site the Council are trying to progress the demolition as quickly as possible.

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