Liverpool City Region Leaders Recognise the Success of a Conservative Government!

I am delighted that Cllr Phil Davies, Labour Leader of Wirral Council and Chair of the Liverpool City Region (LCR) Combined Authority, along with the other five Merseyside Labour Leaders recognise the turnaround in the economy and the creation of jobs as a result of a Conservative Government.   This can be evidenced from the following paragraph in the LCR devolution bid.

“The City Region Economy is more resilient compared to the past and well positioned to capitalise on strengthening the UK economy.  Economic growth rebounded strongly in 2013, comparable with its peers.  The number of people in employment continued to grow, driven by the creation of 23,000 private sector jobs since 2010.  The stock of business in the City Region increased particularly through small business growth and higher rates of self employment.”

Well said, Phil, Rob, Andy, Joe, Ian, Barry, Leaders of Wirral, Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton and St Helens.


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