Greenbelt in Saughall Massie – Council does not know value of Land!

Media release – Wirral Conservative Group
Thursday 1st October 2015


Wirral Council has revealed it has no idea of the value of the proposed site for the fire station in Saughall Massie. Responding to a Freedom of Information request from a Saughall Massie resident, the Town Hall said it did not hold such information.

The request, from Kim Nowell, on 14th September, yielded a response a week later in which the Town Hall said it did not hold a value for the land in its Asset Register.

Councillor Chris Blakeley said: “You would think an Asset Register would be a register of assets. Instead, we have to ask why, in Wirral, such assets are excluded, not least because, all assets should surely be valued from time to time to give a true picture of the Council’s finances. If the Town Hall doesn’t know the value of the land, how does it know if the proposed deal represents value for money?”

“Our Green Belt in Saughall Massie is precious and I find it staggering that the Council, having engaged in negotiations with the Fire Authority, doesn’t have any idea whether the proposal represents a good deal for the taxpayer. It appears that the Cabinet and Senior Managers have been asleep on the job.”

“The Town Hall knows the value of other sites it is flogging – such as Fernbank Farm – so why not this site at Saughall Massie?”


The FoI Request, and the Council’s response, can be found here:


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