What Is The Quid Pro Quo?

I sent the email below earlier this week to David Armstrong at Wirral Council.   David is the Deputy Chief Excecutive and heads up the Councils Asset Management Department.    As yet I am waiting for a response


Hi David

According to Ms Henshaw at the Fire Authority, the land next to the Birkenhead Fire Station valued at £250,000 is being transferred to WBC for the nominal price of £1.00. ( I understand this is not finalised yet). For an Authority that is constantly whinging about cuts to its service there clearly is an underlying motive to turn down £250,000 to please another authority.

I am really concerned that this deal will influence the Council when MFRS request the Council to transfer green belt land (as yet not valued) in Saughall Massie for its new fire station.

I would appreciate your views on this


Cllr Chris Blakeley
Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward
Wirral Borough Council
0151 677 9040
07803 614418
Twitter: @cllrcblakeley


Say NO To Fire Station

Mischief Night

I was saddened to read of the actions of the irresponsible idiots who took mischief night last night to new depths.   Read more here:  http://bit.ly/1PW5mIa

Mischief Night and Hallowen has come about as a result of American influences and commercialism and is supposed to be a fun time for children and adults alike, gone are the days of duck apple to be replaced by mischief and trick or treat with people dressing up decorating their homes and holding Halloween parties.

It is not a time for morons to terrorise people, it’s not a time for people to behave in an anti-social manner and spoil other people’s enjoyment.  It’s not a time to cause wanton and criminal damage to property.

I really hope the police catch these miscreants and ensure they are dealt with appropriately, including their parents if necessary.    Incidents such as those reported in the local press must not be allowed to happen again.

New Homes on Burtons site?

Many local residents may have had the flyer delivered that I have reproduce below advising them that Bilfinger GVA, who are representing Burtons Biscuits are holding a consultation event on Wednesday 11th November at the Community Centre in Maryland Lane between 2pm and 8pm.

A year or two ago Wirral Council’s Planning Committee refused a similar application, since then  Hilfinger GVA have carried out a marketing campaign to try to find some interest for employment opportunities through new businesses on the site but none were forthcoming so they are back again looking to make the site a residential development.   They make it very clear that the adjacent Manor Bakeries and Typhoo Tea sites will not be affected at all.

Do you have concerns about this?  If so then I suggest you do your best to get to the consultation event and make your views known.   Alternatively If you cant get to the event then you can email your views to Nicola Rigby at: nicola.rigby@gva.co.uk or write to her at: Norfolk House, 7 Norfolk Street, Manchester M2 1DW (Telephone: 0161 956 4009.

I will be at the consultation event maybe I will see you there.

Read what the Wirral Globe says by following this link: http://www.wirralglobe.co.uk/news/13927198.Public_consultation_on_plans_for_major_housing_development_on_site_of_former_Moreton_biscuit_factory/


Burtons Flyer Oct 15

Moreton Cenotaph Relocated at Maryland Lane


The Royal British Legion Cenotaph is now in its new position on the corner of Maryland Lane at its junction with Pasture Road and is available to the public to pay their respects at any time of the year.   As you will see from the photograph some people have already laid flowers.

I understand from the Council that the Cenotaph is to be painted (but not the base) and two benches are to be sited nearby so that people can sit, and perhaps have a quiet moment of remembrance.

I know that some people are worried about its new location saying the area wont be big enough to accommodate the Remembrance day service on the 8th November, they will be surprised because this really is a big area, and I think bigger than the British Legion area.  People are also concerned about vandalism. Now I understand and respect those concerns, however as its in such a public busy location I hope those concerns do not become reality and that the youth of today respect those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in many of the worlds conflicts.

I will be at the Cenotaph on Sunday 8th November laying a wreath on behalf of the Council and I hope that the turnout is as large if not larger than it has been in previous years.

We Will Remember Them.

PS.   I would like to thank the Council for doing such a great job on behalf of the Royal British Legion in relocating the cenotaph.

Out and About in Moreton and Saughall Massie

This morning I gave been out and about in the Ward chatting to people as well as visiting spots that suffer repeated instances of Fly Tipping, Carr Lane and the Tarran Way estate.

Sadly it appears the thoughtless morons have been out again dumpin their unwanted rubbish, causing damage to the environment as well as costing the Council taxpayer money to get the Council to remove it

I sincerely hope the Council catches these thoughtless people and prosecute them, perhaps some hefty well publicised fines will send a message to those out there who think it’s alright to do this!

image  image

Green Belt in Saughall Massie – Update

Further to my post earlier today I have heard this evening that the surveyors have said they are surveying the farm buildings with a view to building 16 houses/ flats through converting the existing buildings or building on the yard spaces.

Sounds as though there will be a pre app or full app at some point soon. Apparently they are staying off the fields.  Could this be a manoeuvre to sidestep Greenbelt policy?

I have asked the Council for an update on the designation of the land the farm buildings are on.    More news will be posted as it becomes available.

29th October – Information from Wirral Council regarding Planning Policies:

The site is located within the Green Belt and Saughall Massie
Conservation Area. Therefore, the following UDP policies will apply

CH1 Development Affecting Listed Buildings and Structures
CH2 Development Affecting a Conservation Area
CH17 Saughall Massie Conservation Area
GB2 Guidelines for development in the Green Belt (very special
circumstances would need to be demonstrated as the housing development
would be classed as “inappropriate” in policy terms)

The emerging Core Strategy (CS2, CS3 and CS11) in summary advises that
the focus in rural areas will be on strengthening and diversifying the
agricultural economy and maintains the definition of inappropriate
development as stated in National Planning Policy unless there are “very
special circumstances”.

The above is a summary of the position (reference to the policies will
give you much more detail)



David Ball
Head of Regeneration and Planning
Regeneration and Environment
Wirral Council


Is More Green Belt Land Under Threat?

Recently there has been lots of activity on the Green Belt land that is home to Diamond Farm in Saughall Massie.

Surveyors have been present on site for quite a few days, however when asked what they are doing they are remaining tight lipped.   The fields bounds Acton Lane with Meadowbrook Road and is quite some size.

It could of course be perfectly normal with the land owner, which I understand is Vyner Estates just having the land revalued, in order the renegotiate the lease with the farmer, however it could be that Vyner are thinking of selling the land to a developer, who knows?

Many years ago I understand that Redrow showed an interest in the land and I believe they lodged a document with the Land Registry which effectively give them first refusal should the land be offered for sale.  I am unsure whether that document is time limited or whether it remains on file permanently.

We will be keeping a very close eye on this matter, which appears on the back of the Fire Service wanting a chunk of Green Belt to house their new Fire Station.    If we are not careful we will lose some of our Green Belt that provides buffer zones between towns and villages.