Did this Dam contribute to the floods in Moreton last week?


Following the recent floods in the Tern Way area of Moreton, I have been working with my colleagues, Councillors Bruce Berry and Steve Williams alomg with residents to try to find out why the flooding caused so many homes to be evacuated.

Now, after a week of site investigations and meetings with residents I have found that a temporary ‘dam on the nearby Arrowe Brook was erected before the waters backed up, at the same time as work by United Utilities nearby.

It was shocking to find that a considerable amount of waste and rubble had been dumped into the Arrowe Brook, to create a makeshift bridge for construction vehicles to cross.

This appears to have had a knock on effect which, when combined with a period of heavy rainfall, meant the water could not flow along the Brook but, instead, backed up into people’s homes.

During a walk along the Arrowe Brook with Cllr Berry also met with some of the tenants of the farmland.

i have called for a full investigation to identify why the Environment Agency gave permission for the ‘dam’ to be created.

Over 30 homes have been damaged; families displaced and others left feeling vulnerable should this happen again.

I believe the Council’s Coastal Drainage Team and the Environment Agency must also work quickly to ensure that this ‘dam’ is removed and that the Arrowe Brook is cleared of all rubbish, debris and undergrowth.

Pictured at top Councillors Chris Blakeley and Bruce Berry at the dam’ on the Arrowe Brook in Moreton.


2 thoughts on “Did this Dam contribute to the floods in Moreton last week?

  1. Mark Garratt from the Environment Agency said: “We know this because it is clear from the image that there is no change between the upstream and downstream flow of the river.”

    Well, he would say that wouldn’t he.

    Any obstruction to the water flow will cause the level to rise. If it rises above the obstruction, the level will soon be the same both sides and the flow will *then* be the same. Ask any child playing sand castles! Better still, Mr. Garratt should brush up on measuring water flow with dams and weirs.

    I just hope the homeowner’s insurance companies aren’t as gullible as Mr. Garratt apparently thinks the general public is.

  2. I am very annoyed by this. We were some of the lucky ones as we came within a couple of inches in being flooded. I now have to disclose this next time my insurance is due with the consequent increase in premium .

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