Significant Flood Event – An Update from Wirral Council

I have received the email below from the Councils Lead Officer following the floods in Moreton yesterday.   Its good news that the Council are being reactive.   Its just a shame the Council was not so proactive in helping people yesterday when they needed it most……….


Given the amount of flooding that Wirral experienced yesterday and after an initial/preliminary flood investigation from assessment of yesterday’s incidents, I am confident that the consequences of this flooding event will be classed as have met the criteria for me to know initiate a Significant Flood Event upon commencement of the investigation, which is a requirement under Section 19 of the Flood & Water Management Act 2010.

A flood event with significant consequences is one that has had, one or more of the following impacts:

  • Resulted in major disruption to the flow of traffic;
  • Posed, or could have posed, a risk to human health;
  • Adversely affected the functioning of critical infrastructure;
  • Caused harmful impacts to environmentally and socially important assets;
  • Caused internal flooding to a residential or commercial property.

A Significant Flood Event investigation is required to identify the cause of the flooding and also confirm  that  agencies with a flood risk management responsibility – Environment Agency, Untied Utilities, Council (as Lead Local Flood Authority), emergency services, Met Office, etc – have discharged their duties appropriately. The investigation will make recommendations based upon its findings and it is incumbent on all agencies to action those recommendations. Once completed the resulting investigation report will be made available as a public document and posted on the Councils internet site.

It is vitally important that we try and capture as much information as we can at the earliest opportunity post after the significant flood event. So therefore I am requesting that you send details of any premises that you know suffered from INTERNAL property flooding from Friday 28th 22nd August 2015 up to the 3rd September. Details we require if possible are – the address, the date/time of the flooding, whether it is residential or business and if possible the name of the resident or business contact. This information should be sent through to:

There will no doubt be many lessons to be learnt from these floods but I feel it important to point out that our initial investigation appraisal seems to highlight that the majority of the flooding is as a result of the sheer  amount of rainfall in such a short time period, causing the rivers to be full at capacity and in a number of cases overtop. A result of which means Consequently the vast majority of the surface water drainage systems could not drain out into the rivers and they backed up causing the flooding. It is also important to highlight that there were no weather warnings in place for Wirral yesterday, indeed the latest alerts from the Met Office actually lifted the previous warning – see attached. In addition to this there was also not flood alert warnings issued until  14:26 yesterday – by which time most of the flooding had occurred.




Mark Camborne

Head of Corporate & Community Safety

Cheshire lines Building, Canning Street,



CH41 1ND



One thought on “Significant Flood Event – An Update from Wirral Council

  1. The last time this happened – exactly the same week of the year in 2008, the cause was put down to a fault at the pumpung station at Wallasey Float which ended up under about 10 feet of water. It’s obvious that no-amaount of river-clearing woulkd have resolved that because the bottleneck was actually at the Wallsey Float.

    It would be interesting to know what the water level was at Wallasey Float this time. If it *wasn’t* backed up there, it indicates to me that something needs to be done to improve the dredging of the Birkett and (probably) the Arrowe Brook.

    The Environment Agency assess the affected area as a Zone 2 – which means a possibility of flooding between one in a 100 years and 1 in a 1000 years. This will surely be based on their own dredging/clearing regime so it seems to me they must accept most responsibility for this flooding.

    The same old “unprecidented rainfall” gets quoted every time. We’re constantly being told about cli9mate change so, instead of just making the same old excuse, perhaps it’s time some positive action was taken to future-proof the next 100 – 1000 years not just the 6 or 7 years as it happening now.

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