Millhouse Flats Plan Proposal – The Inspector Called…..

Earlier today along with my colleague, Cllr Steve Williams and around 25 local residents I attended a site visit made by the Planning Inspector who is dealing with the appeal, made by Galliford Try against the Council’s decision to refuse the planning application for a three storey complex of flats on the site of the Millhouse Pub.

The decision to refuse was unanimously agreed by Wirral’s Planning Committee.  This followed our strong campaign, working with local residents.

The Inspector, Ms L Nurser, who is based in Bristol was very thorough looking at the whole site and the neighbouring properties.   While we were not able to make further representations we were allowed to point out areas of concern that local residents had raised with us.

I hope the Inspector recognises the strength of opposition to this proposal and the unanimous decision by Wirral’s Planning Committee to refuse this inappropriate application and dismiss this appeal.   People who live in this community deserve to have a development that is in keeping with the existing streetscene.

The Inspector informed us that it would take approximately six weeks before a decision was issued.

Read the Wirral Globe report by clicking HERE

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