Arrowebrook Flooding

I have spent today doing what I can as a local Councillor to help people who have been affected in various ways by the flooding following the freak weather conditions which resulted in the Arrowebrook bursting its banks and flooding properties on both the Millhouse and Lingham Estates.

Some of the worst affected areas were Carnoustie Close, Wastdale Drive and Ternway with some house having up to two feet of water in them causing damage to furniture, blowing electrics and gas and causing major problems to the inside of the homes.

Now we have to remember this was freak weather, sadly with no warning from the Met office or the Environment Agency and taking people completely by surprise, however we must learn the lessons from this flooding.

I have spoken with a representative from the Environment Agency and with the Councils lead officer on flooding and I have requested an urgent meeting with them in order to determine what action can be taken to prevent this devastation happening again.

Read more HERE and HERE

Flooding Pics


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