Guest post: ‘Tories for Corbyn’ should be careful what they wish for…

Wallasey & Moreton

The following article is reproduced with kind permission of Andrew Kennedy, a former leading member of Wallasey Conservatives who is now the Party’s agent in Kent. Andrew blogs here

“Unlike many of today’s activists and social media commentators I recall the political battles with the hard left in the 1980s when Militant Tendency were ascendant.

By “hard left” I don’t mean the quinoa eaters of Holland Park Comprehensive, who wish to change society through adjustments to the tax and benefits system. I mean the real “hard left”, the ones who hate us and all that we stand for.

In the late 1980s I was politically active in Merseyside and still bear the emotional scars. It was a tough and unpleasant time to be a Conservative activist. My mother and I were sent hate mail, including letters lined with razor blades, stones and eggs thrown at our windows were a weekly occurrence and one night my…

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