Cost Of Mayor Making in Wirral 2015

Now I fully support and respect the Mayoral position in Wirral, however I am concerned at the cost of the Mayor Making event, particularly  when so many Council staff have lost their jobs and others have had to take pay cuts, so I submitted a Freedom of Information request to determine the cost of the Event held in May of this year.

The Councils FOI Officer has responded with the information below.    The cost declared up to now is £3,720.40.   Do you think this money could be better utilised?

Cost of Mayor Making 2015 

Orders Placed Cost (£)
Badges – Past Mayor and Mayoress  914.00
Drinks in Mayor’s Parlour    40.00
Photographer  370.00
Catering 1432.00
Flowers   370.00
Mini Bus Hire for Cadets    43.00
Petrol    50.00
Hire of second car    31.00
Laundry (Table cloths)    50.00
Hire cost of chairs No charge
Staff Costs
Chauffeurs/Mayoral Attendants  225.40
Security Staff  165.00
Staff Travelling Expenses    30.00
Members’ Travelling Expenses* Not known yet
Total             3720.40

*Regarding the cost of Members’ Travelling Expenses, this figure will not be known until all claims have been submitted.  In accordance with Section 16 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we would advise resubmitting your request for this information at a later date by which time the Council may hold some recorded information.

The directly attributable costs for the Mayor Making 2015, as shown in the table above have been assigned to Civic Services.