Fly Tipping Carr Lane, Moreton

Fly Tipping Carr LaneEarlier today I received a report of Fly Tipping in Carr Lane, Moreton.   Two lots of household waste dumped one in the road and the other in a cutting to the side of the road.    I had only just reported this when another email came in reporting what appeared to waste from a cannabis farm, old plants, plant pots etc again in Carr Lane.

I requested an urgent response before any interest was shown, particularly by children and the Council responded immediately clearing both the Cannabis waste and the household waste in the road.   The other pile of fly tipped household waste will be removed tomorrow.

The household waste has lots of evidence of where it has come from, name and address and hopefully from that evidence the Council will discover who this (these) moron(s) who pollute our area are and prosecute them using the full weight of the law to send a strong message.

Thanks to the residents who reported these instances and thanks also to the Council for their rapid response.

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