Millhouse Pub Appeal – UPDATE

Last year the planning application made by Galliford Try for a three storey complex of flats was unanimously refused by Wirral’s Planning Committee who said:  The development would be unsatisfactory and undesirable having regard to its scale and massing which would be out of scale with neighbouring development. In particular, the proposed form and rectangular bulk would result in an unacceptable visual impact which would relate poorly to other residential properties and the domestic scale of the area, which the Local Planning Authority considers, would have a detrimental impact within this setting. The proposal is of an inappropriate scale and would result in a detrimental change in the character and appearance of the surrounding area. To allow the proposals would be contrary to Policy HS4 of the Wirral Unitary Development Plan

Well we know the applicant has submitted an appeal and that appeal has now started.  We know the applicant has requested that the appeal be dealt with by an exchange of documentation, however I believe this matter to be too important to local residents so I have requested that the appeal be the subject of a public hearing.   As soon as I know the outcome of my request I will write to you again.  Regardless of the method of appeal it is now a live matter and all representations to the planning inspectorate need to be submitted by the 10th August.

I would urge local residents to make representation to the Inspector and they can do this by writing to The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/09, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN alternatively they can submit comments on the Planning Portal at: or via email to: whichever residents choose please quote appeal reference APP/W4325/W/15/3022092

If we are to have this appeal dismissed then local residents need to come together as they did when opposing planning permission.

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