Has Wirral Labour Abandoned Council Green Belt Policies?

Last night I moved an amendment to a Labour Notice of Motion (NOM) on fire service cuts. I viewed my amendment as a ‘Friendly’ Addition to their NOM which I, and the Conservative Group were supporting.   The wording of my amendment is reproduced below and pointed out the opposition to a new fire station on Green Belt land in Saughall Massie and asked te Council to reaffirm its position in protecting the Green Belt, here and across wirral.

I was really very surprised when Wirral Labour voted against my amendment and in doing so refused to commit to protecting our very precious Green Belt.   What message does that send to greedy housing developers?

Amendment to NOM 5: Merseyside Fire and Rescue Funding

Proposedby Councillor Chris Blakeley

Secondedby Councillor Bruce Berry

Leave all and add after the final paragraph:

Council notes that at its meeting on 30th June Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority approved the merger of Upton and West Kirby fire stations at a new station on green belt land on Saughall Massie Road.

However Council also acknowledges the overwhelming public opposition to the proposal by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority for a fire station on green belt land in Saughall Massie, as demonstrated by:

-       The 200 people who attended a public meeting arranged by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, and a further 270 who were unable to gain admission to the venue.

-       The opposition of the Saughall Massie Village Area Conservation Society and the Wirral Society

-       The 1,030 people who have, so far, signed a petition against the proposal

Therefore Council impresses upon Cabinet:

(1) To maintain protection of Wirral’s Green Belt, as set by agreed policies and stop inappropriate development.

(2) To ask officers to continue to work co-operatively with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service in identifying and facilitating a more suitable brown field site for operational purposes and to maintain the amenity of the local people.

3 thoughts on “Has Wirral Labour Abandoned Council Green Belt Policies?

  1. Wirral council need to lisern to votets we sre fed up not bring liserned to save the greenbelt

  2. Once again the public are ignored by Wirral council and they plan to go ahead and build a fire station on greenbelt land. This is just to save money, never mind the excuse of making it a better service for the public. Already the public have to pay extra for our garden waste bins to be emptied whilst other area’s such as Liverpool do not have to pay the extra amount. There are plenty of other places that are ideal for the fire station to be built without disrupting greenbelt land and I would ne interested to know why these have not been looked at. Out of interest with one fire station replacing two will out council tax bills be reduced?

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