Community Litter Pick


Earlier today, along with my colleague Councillor Bruce Berry I carried out a community litter pick in Town Meadow Lane, Moreton.

We started on Town Meadow Lane close to Lingham Primary School and worked our way down to the junction of Kestrel Road collecting two full bags of litter on the way.   The litter consisted mainly of sweet papers of varying types, bottles (glass and plastic) McDonalds wrappers, takeaway boxes and empty cigarette packs.

We noted that in that distance there were no litter bins at all so I will be asking the Council to provide litter bins close to the school gates and near to the two bus stops were most of the litter appeared to gather.

If you want us to organise a community litter pick in your area of Moreton or Saughall Massie please let me know.   You can email me by clicking here or call me on 0151 606 9193 or 07803 614418


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