Labour say NO

Maryland Lane IMG_3776Earlier today I met with a senior Council Officer in Maryland Lane, Moreton to look at the problems being caused by some huge trees with roots lifting the walkway outside sheltered housing.

The Council Officer has said that he will have to fell two of the five trees and drastically reduce the height of the other three.   The felling of the trees and the treatment of the stumps will kill the root growth and only then can the whole footway be dug out and re-laid in order to give an acceptable finish.

The problem is the footway will cost around £25,000 to do, so tonight at the Wallasey Constituency Committee for circa £9,000 to be made available from unspent funds from last years budget to be able to help fund the work.    Despite my pleas Labour Councillors from New Brighton, Seacombe, Liscard and Leasowe all voted against so they could look to fund their own pet schemes across the constituency!


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