Millhouse Pub Site – Planning Appeal

DEVELOPERS Galliford Try have lodged an appeal six months after their proposals for 38 apartments to be built at the site of the Millhouse pub in Millhouse Lane, Moreton , were thrown out unanimously by councillors during a meeting of Wirral’s planning committee last October.

Galliford Try have asked for the appeal to be conducted through an exchange of correspondence however I have asked for a public hearing of the appeal to be held locally.

I fully expected the applicant to submit an appeal. It was clear during the planning process the applicant had no interest in local peoples’ views and they just wanted permission to build this monstrosity that would not fit in with the existing street scene.

What is important now is that the appeal is heard in the public arena and we have asked planning officers to make representation to the Inspectorate to request this matter is heard in the public arena.  This really is too important a matter to be determined by a faceless bureaucrat based in Bristol.

While an appeal has been submitted as of yet no start date or inspector have been appointed as the Planning Inspectorate has a backlog.    As soon as I have more information I will make sure everyone who lives in the area and who magnificently opposed the planning application are informed.

14 thoughts on “Millhouse Pub Site – Planning Appeal

  1. Is there a better alternative for the pub site? It’s an eyesore at present and will only get worse if the land is not developed.

  2. Dear Mr Simpson I agree the site needs redeveloping but with a much more appropriate development than Galliford Try want which is three storey and totally out of place at this location.

  3. A derelict pub (that should never have been built in the first place) is an eye saw and totally lowers the tone of the estate. I cannot see that sheltered flats can be any worse than a pub. I despair of Wirral planning it appears never to see the bigger picture. They certainly have no appreciation of the aesthetic and appear to delight in the uglyfication area.

  4. Dear Mr Clough I agree the site needs redeveloping but with a much more appropriate development than Galliford Try want which is three storey and totally out of place at this location.

  5. If the proposed block is similar to the very smart block put up on the main road in Hoylake I’d support it being built. Being 3 storeys sounds like a poor reason for opposing

  6. Do these people who are in favour of the flats being built actually live in the immediate vicinity, if not they should keep there comments to themselves. If they do live in the area shame on you , the flats will be an eyesore and there is no place for this kind of a development in an area of just bungalows and houses. I do live very close to the Mill and strongly 0ppose the proposed development and agree whole heartedly with Chris Blakeley on his views that the appeal should be heard in the public domain and in this area. Also what is the point in having the planning procedure in place when it can be overturned by people who have no local knowledge of this area and the potential impact this development would have on local peoples lives.

  7. It is always upsetting to see a community pub having to close, sadly this has happened ,
    I agree the land should be developed…but with a more eye pleasing solution, in the meantime, can the brewery ( I presume they still own it) be made to at least maintain the grass and exterior.
    Incidentally I can remember the Millhouse when you could not get a seat , it was that popular.
    perhaps the neighbours should have been more tolerant.

  8. I have read all the comments above and a few of them left me bemused, yes it is an eyesore, has anyone local with a few hours to spare got a few garden tools and a lawn mower ( community duties ) it’s an idea, a start.
    Absolutely agree that appropriate building is the main issue, personally I think bungalows would be suited due to the location of neighbouring properties and the layout of the properties, even two storey buildings may be too overwhelming.
    Again I agree that the Millhouse pub should never have been built smack bang in the middle of a populated area like Millhouse lane, lessons should be learnt here.
    Three storey development is NOT a poor reason for opposing when you look out of your window and see a monstrosity of a building towering over your neighbourhood, that is imposing.
    All residents in the immediate vicinity should be given a strong voice on this matter, it changes the dynamics of their environment massively, however people what I will add here is, don’t voice up about the Millhouse pub being an eye saw, or a site development being inappropriate, when, you are all quite obviously caring individuals with a huge sense of community spirit and could for the time being spend a little of your time as a community keeping the appearance of this site tidy, show these outsiders how much your environment means to you and the lengths you will go to, to keep that look, it doesn’t look good all these mouthes firing off about the appearance of what the site will look like when it looks a sight right now, it looks like no one cares, is this the message you really want to send out?

  9. Totally confused with your comments…..
    The owners of the Millhouse pub, whoever they may be should be forced to maintain the exterior of their property….it is not down to anybody else….especially not the residents….who if they are anything like me would not have the time…after working all week, to pay a mortgate…

  10. I have read over my comment, there is nothing confusing about it, i clearly point out sir that there needs to be appropriate building, that residents in the immediate vacinity should be allowed a strong voice on the planning and development of this site, and, the Millhouse site at present is an eyesore and will remain that way until the dispute over what will be has resolve. I clearly map out that if people cared about their environment they would feel as irritated over the site in its present state and come together as a community and keep on top of its condition, as it stands it seems there is no ownership, we know that there is, but where are these people, i feel it for the people who live directly on top of this site.
    As for this public house being a community pub well that may have been true at one time but it was certainly not before it expired, i really hope that the good residents of millhouse lane get the right resolve here, they are the people that matter.
    We all work hard, there are those of us who work all week and do charitable work at weekends, its too easy to sit and voice a opinion its a different story getting up and physically doing something positive to help a cause that is whats lacking here.

  11. Hi….
    thank you for your response….
    what I find confusing is not really directed at your comment, but peoples opinions in general…..may I point out that the pub was there before a lot of the houses were built….and I was simply stating that it should not be the residents responsibility to keep the site looking respectable….I also take part in charitable work in my spare time…..and feel proud that I can help people less fortunate than me….
    I certainly do not consider the brewery who own the Millhouse less fortunate than me….and feel that the council should force them to maintain their property…
    may I add that my daughter lives close to the tee-total, works full time , and also looks after 3 children…she certainly does not have the time to volunteer with a lawn mower…but does have to look at an eyesore…
    the owners need to act, or be forced to act….

  12. I totally understand you sir, it is such a frustrating matter and so therefore any conversation that follows will also be as equally frustrating, we all have our own opinion and quite rightly so, in your case you have your daughter who it will have an impact on, the council sadly enough are finding it hard to maintain their own properties i dont think they are in any position to preach to other landlords, however i agree with you, the present climate we live under dictates one thing £££ everyone for themselves, profit, profit, it is a
    typical case of out of sight out of mind and the people who suffer are the people in the immediate vacinity, i would dearly love communities to come together once again like they once did and problem solve for themselves, keep our dignity intact and not let outside agencies and councils bring us and the places we live in down, we should take control of our environment and look after it when those who should be doing the job let us down, i have seen Chris blakeley out doing area clean
    ups and i bet he has sort help from the council first and been told “no can do”
    I didnt know that the Millhouse pub had been standing that long Sir i am ignorant to that fact but thankyou for advising me of that, i am from Liverpool and moved over here in 2008 i am learning as i go along i do know that it was all farm land around and about so i am told,lets hope there is some sort of resolve and soon.
    kind regards sir to you and your family and indeed the good people of Millhouse lane.

  13. Hi, Mrs B.
    Thank you for your recent reply……very well said…I agree with you completely.
    I have fond memories of the Millhouse, many years ago…it was a real community pub….with childrens parties…charity nights…a good football team, and loads more, sadly it developed into a rather boisterous place…..and wasn’t pleasant anymore.
    I am also from Liverpool , ex Gerrard gardens…..I have lived here since 1983 and have seen lots of changes, my three children all have houses here…
    let us hope the brewery act quickly to improve the appearance of the Millhouse.
    as they are legally obliged to do…..
    which was my point really…….the council should use the law….and issue an ultimatum. Before we see any further deterioration…. however we shall see…nice to talk to you…take care

  14. Ahhh Eric, Yes indeed when local pubs had that welcoming community factor. My family started off up at Miller’s Bridge and Scotty Rd, small world as they say Eric, I think we appreciate what wonderful landscapes the Wirral have all on their doorstep, and the importance of keeping it that way, when we here planning permission we deflate, I dearly hope that they keep the flow And style of property in keeping with the rest of Millhouse Lane.
    we have had great dialogue Eric, been great talking to you, pity the council can’t do the same with the owners of Millhouse over the appearance of the land, we have shown them up, and put the world to right, take care my friend.

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