Good News #2 – Merseytravel Members Allowances

Following the Mersey Tunnels Item at the Merseytravel Budget meeting we moved on to the Independent Report produced by Declan Hall on Members Allowances

I had already made it abundantly clear that I and the Conservative Group on Merseytravel thought that any increase in allowances was unacceptable, however the recommendations made by Mr Hall were huge and in my opinion totally out of kilter with the current situation many people find themselves in.

I am delighted that following pressure from the Conservative and the Lib Dem Members on Merseytravel, Labour caved in and voted not to accept the increases.    This has saved the hard pressed council taxpayer circa £82,000 per year.

Sadly whilst turning down the increase they chose to personally attack me, obviously looking at some way of venting their anger.   My answer is simple ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’    Don’t worry Joe I am thick skinned enough not to worry about any lectures by any of your members, all they did was show their true colours!    Quite sad really, I have lost a lot of respect for one Labour member in particular, they really should know better!!!

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