Merseytravel Spin Doctors Defend Recommended Increases in Members Allowances!

It appears that the Merseytravel Spin doctors have gone into full overdrive, professing that the recommended huge increases in members allowances will actually save the Authority £21,000 year on year.       Well it will if you use the figures they are using, those that were approved at the Authority AGM in June 2011.

Seems that in order to try to spin this bad news positively the ‘Merseytrave Media’ machine (the same one that has stated categorically that there are no plans to increase tunnel tolls) has conveniently forgotten that the Authority agreed on a voluntary basis in September 2011 to only take one Special Responsibility Allowance per member and to cease paying deputy Chairmen any allowances at all.    If you take that into account the proposals actually create an increase into what is being currently paid month on month.    In effect if the staus quo was maintained then the saving year on year would be in the region  of £80,000!

Merseytravel wordsmiths can spin it how they like, facts are facts and allowances are recommended to increase by massive amounts.       

I believe as do the public that these recommendations are obscene and unacceptable and I challenge the Labour and Lib Dem Members on Merseytravel to dismiss the proposals and formalise the informal approach that has been in place since September 2011 and save the public purse in the region of £80,000 per year.     Will they, we will find out on February 9th……

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