The Weeks Round Up!

The week started with some great news with my 12 year campaign to have the eyesore that is the shops and maisonettes redeveloped.   Read more on that by clicking HERE

The rest of the week was a combination of working all week, meetings at Merseytravel, campaigning in the evenings, as well as dealing with Council issues for local residents.

One of the biggest issues people are contacting me on is damage being caused to grassed areas by Lacey roofing, who are carrying out the re-roofing project for Wirral Parnership Homes (WPH) on the Lingham Estate.      So on Thursday I met with representatives of WPH and Laceys in Kestrel Road to look at some damage they had caused which they have promised to make good.       I was invited to walk the estate with them to look at areas they had completed and I have to say I  was impressed with the finished work, really good and tidy.     I am absolutely reassured and I have passed that reassurance to local residents.

And for the week ahead, well its a really busy one!

Great NEWS – Join Me on Valentines Day for a Community Celebration!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of my 12 year campaign to get the eyesore, that is the derelict shops and maisonettes on Town Meadow Lane redeveloped.       

 Today it was confirmed to me that Wirral Partnership Homes who I have been working with over the last 12 months on the proposal to demolish the flats and maisonettes and build three new shops and 24 new homes  have signed contracts with Wates Construction who will be doing the work and it is expected that they will start on site on the 20th February.  This  really is a great start to 2012!

Before the work starts I want to invite all the local residents to a community celebration event on the 14th February (Valentines Day).   The event will take place at the front of the shops starting at 11:30am and running until 1:30pm, there will be hot snacks, cakes and soft drinks and hopefully a real party atmosphere, so please come along and join with me celebratring this long-overdue development that will bring three new shops and 24 homes to the site, a massive £3 million pound investment in our town.

a bit of background:   In the early 2000’s the Council always favoured Birkenhead for investment, ignoring Moreton, the only scheme they tried to hoodwink us was the one for troubled youngsters, that was roundy defeated by the people of Moreton.   Then of course in 2005 the Council transferred the stock to Wirral Partnership Homes and of course their priority weas to bring the housing stock up to decent home standard and they had no money for building new homes.   We continued to bid for funds from all the Housing agencies, sadly the Council continued to ignore Moreton and favour, Birkenhead and Tranmere, even now the latest £2.7 million given by the Government is being spent in Birkenhead.      Without the investment of £3 million by WPH this eyesore would remain.

Mersey Tunnel Tolls

Earlier today I attended a Merseytravel Committee which had a report about Mersey tunnel tolls.   The report was for information and it appeared that the Chairman of the committee was reluctant to allow any discussion as it will be the budget meeting of the Authority on 9th February that will determine what the payable tolls will be.   However I used the opportunity to move an amendment asking the Directors to investigate the possibility of reducing tolls further, sadly all the Labour Members on the Authority including the Wirral Labour Councillors voted against my amendment!  An opportunity losT

While I was at the meeting Merseytravel tweeted that tolls would not rise.    I thought Councillors made the decisions, not Media Officers?