Wirral’s Planning Department Another Error!!!

It was not my intention to blog until the New Year, BUT!     I was alerted to a newly validated application on the Councils Planning Website.      Its the application to extend the amount of time to extract clay from the old Barker Briscoe Brickwork site in Carr Lane, Moreton.

Although the application was only dated the 19th December, no one can comment as its closed, it is dated to go to committee on 3rd Jan, although the consultation period is still open (or is it) and no case officer is identified, and the first date for decision is 19 days before it appeared on the website!!    This is clearly incorrect and in my opinion indicative of the continuing errors that just keep on happening.    

I have received an apology from the Council, however if they can’t get an application right at submission, what confidence can I or members of the public have in them to get it right at all?      I have asked the Councils Chief Executive Jim Wilkie to ‘Get a grip’ and stop these errors……

I have appended the website entry below:

Application registered Consultation period Awaiting decision Decided Appeal Appeal decided
Application Type: Full Planning Permission
Date Received: 27 / 10 / 2011
Registration Date: 19 / 12 / 2011
Consultation Start Date: 19 / 12 / 2011
Earliest Decision Date: 30 / 11 / 2011
Location: Moreton Brickworks, CARR LANE, MORETON, CH46 5NB
Ward Name: Hoylake and Meols
Conservation Area: Not available
Listed Building Grade: Not available
Environmental Assessment: Not available
Expected Decision Level: Planning Committee
Easting/Northing: 324600 / 389845
Statutory Class: Other Large Scale developments
Proposal: Variation of condition 28 of planning determination APP/2001/6405/D (for the extraction of clay), to allow an additional 2 years for the submission of restoration and aftercare schemes (extended from 03 January 2012 to 03 January 2014).
Case Officer: Not available
Status: Registered
Agent: Not available
Case Type: Full Planning Permission
Applicant: Mr D Youngs
  New Hey
  Chester Road
  Great Sutton
  CH66 2LS
Neighbours Responses Received: 0
and Representatives: In Favour: 0
Representation Details Against: 0
Comments: 0
Petitions Against: 0
Petitions For: 0
Officer Site Visit Date: No date
Committee Meeting Date: 03 / 01 / 2012
Decision: This case has not yet been decided
Appeal Received Date: This case has no appeals against it
Planning Obligation Status: Not available
Unfortunately, the consultation period for this application is not open. Please contact the case officer directly if you have any questions.

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