Mersey Tunnel ‘Authorised’ Tolls Will Increase in April 2012

As readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware the  Mersey Tunnels Act 2004, pushed through by New Labour allows ‘Authorised Tolls’ to rise based on RPI figures each year.    The Authorised Toll is the amount that Merseytravel are allowed to charge, unless of course they discount them.     Currently discounts apply on each class and I sincerely hope will not be removed or increased in April 2012.

Folowing publication of the November RPI figures I have just received the figures from Merseytravels Director of Resources on the impact on the Tolls, his note to me (below) and the table say it all.     The determination of payable tolls will be decided at the Merseytravel budget meeting in February 2012.  We all know that last time payable tolls increased it was forced through by the casting vote of the Labour Chairman of the Authority!

Email from Jim Barclay:

Chris, Further to recent emails, I can now advise you on the impact of  the latest RPI figures which  were released earlier this week. From  the inflation rates for November 2011 we  can understand the impact that this year’s inflation will have on the Authorised Toll Levels at the Mersey Tunnels. The table below details the Authorised Toll Levels and Actual Toll Levels currently in place, along with the Authorised Toll Levels that will come into effect on 1st April 2012. Obviously, the Authority will need to make a decision as to the Actual Tolls for 2012 when they meet on 9 February 2012. I hope this information helps: –



Apr ‘11

Apr ‘12





Actual Toll Cash



Actual Toll Fast Tag







Actual Toll Cash



Actual Toll Fast Tag







Actual Toll Cash



Actual Toll Fast Tag







Actual Toll Cash



Actual Toll Fast Tag



 Kind Regards, Jim

 Jim Barclay, Director of Resources, Merseytravel, 24 Hatton Garden, Liverpool L3 2AN

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