Moreton Brickworks, Carr Lane – Planning Application Submitted to Extend the Time for Mineral (Clay) Extraction

A new planning application has been submitted by the owners of the Moreton Brickworks, CARR LANE, MORETON, CH46 5NB, application number: 11/01286 to remove condition 28 from planning application 2001 / 6405.  

I asked planning officers just what condition 28 related to and the simple answer is it was a condition put in place in 2001 which told the owners that they had a maximum of 10 years to extract the minerals from the site, in this case that was clay.     Well the ten years are up and the owners have decided they want to extend that timeframe in order to be able to apply to extract minerals whenever they choose.

This site has been the subject of two withdrawn applications for clay extraction in the past in the early 2000s.   Both applications had massive public opposition and Planning Officers were recommending refusal, however  both were withdrawn on the day of planning committee at the last minute!      There is absolutely no value  in the clay, however there is millions of pounds value in a huge hole that could be used for Landfill!!    This is clearly linked to the Joint Merseyside Waste Development Plan!     I hope that planning officers recommend refusal, as extraction of clay and subsequent landfill at this location would be an absolute environmental disaster for local residents and the wider community! 

The planning application can be viewed by clicking HERE and the conditions linked to application 2001/6405 can be viewed by clicking HERE


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