The Weeks Round Up

Last week was another busy one working in Esther McVey’s Office.   I was also interviewed by a final year student on why the youth of today does not get involved in politics – tough questions, hope Kirsty was happy with the answers.    
National Youth Theatre Cast

Wednesday it was off to London with Andy and Clare to watch the premiere of Esther’s bookazine ‘If Chloe Can’ which had been turned into a stage play performed by the National Youth Theatre at the Lyric in Shaftsbury Avenue.   A total triumph by the young actresses and the female contributors, Jo Salter, Julie Greenhalgh, Lucinda Ellery, Claire Young, Debbie Moore and others.    After the show it was off the The Groucho Club in Soho for a reception.    Andy and Clare travelled back that night, I stayed over in order to  show Leanne, Esther’s new Parliamentary Assistant some of the systems and databases we utilise in both the Parliamentary and constituency offices.       Friday was catch up day in the office, and the weekend has been spent catching up with Council casework and delivering the latest Newsline.      Whats that they say, ‘No peace for the wicked?’


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