Wirral Labour – A Bad Night in the Office!

Last nights full Council in Wirral saw Labour for what they truly are, a Party in dissarray a party in denial and a party that has no ideas…   They voted against everything positive that we and the Lib Dems wanted to achieve including shamefully voting against giving those lowest paid workers in the Council a rise of £250 which we put in the budget.      Steve Foulkes was beside himself and who can blame him, let down by his Cabinet colleagues who had not done their homework and did not have a clue what they were talking about, I almost felt sorry for Cllr Foulkes.

I am delighted that we, the Conservatives, supported by the Lib Dems made sure that the will of the Council prevailed and the vote taken means that those Council workers earning less that £21000 per year will now get the £250 increase, that is unless Cllr Foulkes can find a legal loophole to squirm through, his last words last night were to Bill Norman Head of Law and to Jim Wilkie Chief Exec, and those words were ‘My Office Now’!

Media Release – Wirral Conservative Group

Tuesday 19th July 2011

 Labour tries to block pay rise for low paid council workers

 Labour Councillors have tried to block a pay rise for the Council’s lowest paid staff – including 131 care workers, 118 childcare workers and 92 crossing patrol attendants.  The national public sector pay freeze included the option for local councils to exempt lowest paid staff – those earning less than £21,000 a year – and, instead give them a pay rise of £250. 

Cllr. Jeff Green said: “This year’s Conservative budget included £800,000 to make sure our lowest paid staff would be helped with the cost of living.  They were promised this money and tonight we forced a vote in the Town Hall for the Council to hand it over. 

I am passionate about how the Council treats its staff.  As Leader, I was open and up front with staff about the challenges we faced.  Partly because of that, we were able to cut Council spending by £52 million, avoid compulsory redundancies, freeze Council Tax and reduce the Council’s debts by £10 million.  Every single member of staff can be proud of what we achieved together.” 

Cllr. Steve Foulkes and Cllr. Adrian Jones fought to stop the pay rise and, instead, bank the £800,000. 

Cllr. Green added: “This was a shocking betrayal by Labour of the lowest paid staff in the Council.  It reminds me of the way in which Gordon Brown scrapped the 10p tax for the lowest paid.  

“Other councils have honoured their responsibilities and, because we reduced the running costs of the Council, I made sure the money was available in this year’s budget to help the lowest paid.  Many people, not least the lowest paid, are being hit by the rising cost of living.  This £250 will help with that.”

Labour was defeated as Liberal Democrats joined with the Conservatives to force through the payment.


One thought on “Wirral Labour – A Bad Night in the Office!

  1. This makes a mockery of Labour’s claim to be the party of the working-class. The Left does not understand that sound book-keeping is the pre-requisite for action to help the most vulnerable.

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