Fact or Fiction?

I am trying to unravel the public confusion around Merseytravels Members allowances.     Confusion what confusion?

Well at the AGM the amendments made by myself and the Lib  Dems calling for an Independent Review Panel (IRP) to be set up were all defeated by the 13 Labour Members who voted for increases in allowances paid to members.   Yet Newspaper reports and Wirral Labours amendement to a Lib Dem notice of motion would seem to indicate that an IRP has been agreed…….   

I am not confused at all, I was at the AGM and I know exactly who voted for what, the newspaper reports and Wirral Labour are just using smoke and mirrors to try to hide the facts.   The facts are simple Labour voted against an IRP being commissioned to look at Merseytravels Members allowances and they voted to increase allowances for Labour Members, at a time when 102 Merseytravel Members of staff, some of whom are the lowest paid face potential huge loss of earnings!

I have written to Merseytravels Monitoring Officer seeking some clarity on what seems to have become a very unclear public position!   You can see the BBC Northwest News Report by clicking HERE


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