HVDC Western Link Project

National Grid have today announced that the landfall site for the HVDC Western Link project will be in the Moreton Area somewhere close to Leasowe Lighthouse.   They were considering two options one in Meols and one in the Moreton Leasowe Area, and after many surveys they have chosen the Moreton site for the landfall.  Click HERE  for the information sheet

I understand that as yet the final route for the cable has not been finalised however Ngrid have a preferred corridor and they will be working within that corridor.    I will keep people informed as more information becomes available.


3 thoughts on “HVDC Western Link Project

  1. Were there or will there be any payments made to local councillors, senior officers of the council as easements or incentives?

    You really need to keep a close eye on these big industry players. Some of them are waist deep in ill-gotten filthy lucre, and seem to believe, perish the thought, that local suits on the council are unprincipled, corruptible, bent, in it for money, hungry for the brown envelope, and rotten to the core.

    The UK is plunging down the international corruption index currently, so please tell me this isn’t so, that no money will change hands, and it will all be honest, dignified, transparent, completely open and above board.

  2. Paul, I’m not as cynical as that but I would ask the wider question: What’s in it for Wirral?

    It seems to me there will be a LOT of disruption at certain parts of the route – especially at the landfall site which would appear to be at NEITHER of options presented to us at the “consultation”.

    It would seem likely that a 4 or 5 metre wide swath of land, requiring permanent access for ever, will split the Wirral down the eastern side – much like the M53 did for the western side – but with no tangible benefit for the people of Wirral.

  3. Quite right Paul, why not be upfront with the power company and ask them what are they willing to provide for Wirral in return for them carving up the wirral from end to end. Must be loads of projects ect. that could with some cash, maybe they could cover the cost of updating our libraries?

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