Merseytravel AGM – Part Two, Localism for Merseyrail

Prior to yesterdays Merseytravel AGM Members of Merseytravel attended a workshop which looked at status of Merseytravel and Merseyrail taking over the Infrasture of the track and train in a single local accountable body (Vertical integration)    This would ensure greater responsiveness to local circumstances, enable a longer term approach to asset maintenance, renewals and rolling stock replacement which can more effectively support the regeneration and econimoic development of the city region.    It would potentailly give better efficiencies – better integration, better communication and simpler decision making progress.   Overall it would be more appropriate railway standards with no loss of safety or performance.    

All of this I believe is in the Local Transport Plan, however in a massive ‘U Turn’ the Chairman of the Authority moved a motion from the floor at the AGM instructing the Director General and Chief Executive to stop all work on this issue immediately….   I was astounded that the Chairman and his group were going to support such measure and immediately moved an amendmnet calling for work to continue with on this, after all in the six years I have been on the authority vertical integration has always been on the agenda, sadly it was voted against and the directive was approved by Labour.

So is the £1.5 million already spent on it just going to be written off?      We hear the Unions are opposed to vertical integration, so thats it then.    The losers, the people of Merseyside.


One thought on “Merseytravel AGM – Part Two, Localism for Merseyrail

  1. With Merseytravel having such a monopolistic stranglehold on people trying to travel both into and out of Wirral – whether by public transport or by car, I’m amazed that it’s actually legal for Merseytravel’s salaries and expenses not to have to go through an independent panel of some sort.

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