Merseytravel AGM – Part One

Yesterday saw the Merseytravel Annual General Meeting take place at Hatton Garden.   One of the more contentious items on the agenda was a report from the Director of Resources, put together at the request of the Chairman of the Authority which would see an increase in Special Responsibility allowances for some Labour Members and the introduction of a new allowance  of almost £4,000 payable to the Deputy Chairman of the Womens Forum, and this at a time when 139 posts have been lost in the organisation and a further 102, some of whom are the lowest paid in the Authority will potentually be losing in excess of £2,000 per year from their wages!    The message to the workforce is clearly one of “I’m alright Jack”.

In an effort to stop these obscene and unwarranted increases both the Lib Dems and my group moved a series of amendments, all of which called for an independent remuneration panel to be commission to look at allowances and how they are paid, after all thats what happens in other Authorities, sadly all our attempts failed with Labour voting against our amendments and voting for an increase in allowances.   Labour the party of the people?   Seems not on Merseytravel, I am told it is the only Authority in the country where Elected Members determine directly what they should be paid?     Time for Change!


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