Six New Homes in Bermuda Road?

I understand a planning application has been submitted to build six houses in Bermuda Road on the old Stanton Computers site at 91 Bermuda Road.      I have not yet had site of the plans as the application is currently in the ‘Validation Stage’.       The site has been used for various activities over the last few years, some of them without valid planning consent, however it has laid derelict for some time, and I am constantly getting complaints that the site is overgrown and an eyesore.   I am sure residents will welcome the site being developed, as long as the development is an appropriate one that fits in with the existing character in Bermuda Road.     As soon as the plans are validated and people can comment I will let local residents know.


2 thoughts on “Six New Homes in Bermuda Road?

  1. What crieria does the Council use when deciding who to send consultation letters to?

    In addition to the obvious ones in Bemuda Road, I note that a few properties on the opposite side of Arrowe Brook in Alnwick Drive have rightly been consulted.

    It seems likely that the public footpath along the Bernuda Road side of Arrowe Brook will be accessible to the back gardens of the new houses (by design or otherwise) so I would have thought that the courtesy of a consultation letter could at least have been extended to those of us in Linear Park.

    Chris, as per usual, we find ourselves relying on your good self to keep us informed but this isn’t how it should be!

  2. Hi John

    As the plans have not yet been validated NO ONE has been consulted yet. Consultation only takes place once the plans are ‘Live’. Criteria roughly is if properties have a boundary, or facing any development. It will always be the case that our notification of applications will alway be wider than the Councils.

    Cheers Chris

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