Err —– I have just come to say Hello!

Those were the words of the Leader of the Council when he came along to the Moreton, Leasowe and Saughall Massie Area Forum earlier this evening, the three members of the public who were present did not seem at all  impressed as he repeated his hello numerous times, but then again why would they?

The evening started well with my nomination and election unopposed to Chair the Forum, I was delighted to accept the nomination and the position.     Sadly we started the meeting with only one member of the public present, but two others attended during the meeting.    

The meeting was just coming to an end, when in walks the Leader of the Council, who asked my permission to address the three….    Of course I said yes, even though he refused my leader permission to speak at Cabinet last week!    He bumbled and mumbled his way through about five minutes of spiel and left….  

Anyway the next Area Forum is in October in Moreton, more on that nearer the time…


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