Nine Empty Chairs!

The one and only debate last night was Labours proposal to replace Councillor Jeff Geen as Leader with Steve Foulkes.    All nine Liberal Democrats took the decision not to make a decision and abstain, it meant 30 Labour Councillors voted for the proposal while 26 Conservatives voted against.  (one of our group was missing)

Like many people I do not understand how the Liberal Democrats can vote to end a partnership that they say they are proud of, and believe has worked and has brought much needed improvements to Wirral.    They have now given full control to Labour by their ‘Positive Abstentions’, I really do not know why they bothered to turn up, there may as well have been nine empty chairs!


2 thoughts on “Nine Empty Chairs!

  1. Anybody who stands in local elections, does so in the hope that they can represent the public and help run the area. So it beggars belief when a group of elected councillors volunteer to step down from power and sit on their hands like they did. Fair enough, the ONLY controversial decisions made by the last administration came from the Lib Dem controlled parts of the cabinet.

    I feel that they have effectively ended their presence on the Wirral, paving the way for a Tory majority in future elections. Wirral needs councillors that do not sit on their hands, and that whether we agree with them or not, follow their principles and represent the people as you and your colleagues have done Chris. Well done to you.

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