Wirral Lib Dems – We’re Proud of What We Have Achieved – But Don’t Want to Continue

How confusing is that for a message.  Last night Wirral’s Lib Dems issued a press statement which said just that.    You can read their statement by clicking HERE    Sadly (and many willl say stupidly) having praised the work of the administration they want to give it all away, abbrogate their responsibility to their last few remaining supporters, and ‘Facilitate a Labour Administration’ in Wirral.    The only losers in all of this are the people of Wirral

Clearly they have forgotton what happened when Labour last controlled Wirral, loss of Lollipop ladies, threats to our Libraries, Leisure Centres and swimming pools, all of these things are now again very real threats.     The Lib Dem Leader says his small group will judge Labour on each decision, clearly he fails to understand that the Cabinet is all powerful and he and his group will have no say in the decision making process.     

Three years with Labour, one year with the Conservatives, now going it alone, is it any wonder no one is voting Lib Dem?


5 thoughts on “Wirral Lib Dems – We’re Proud of What We Have Achieved – But Don’t Want to Continue

  1. Well, I’ve had this “Leave a Reply” box open for about 10 minutes and all I can think of is: UNBELIEVABLE!

    God help us now 😦

  2. People of Wirral losers or got what they have voted for? Funny old thing this democracy and first past the post when you don’t get just the party with the most seats running the show. Lets hope all vote with a common sense for the people of Wirral and not be just party donkeys.

    PS you forgot about the nursing homes.

  3. Am I the only person that thinks they should ALL grow up! I’m 21 and could do a damn site better getting what’s best for wirral rather than sticking to party ideas all the time

  4. Phil: “getting what’s best for wirral rather than sticking to party ideas”

    Seems to me we’ve just blown any chance of that. What we’ll get now are policies carefully manipulated to try to discredit the national government in plenty of time for 2015.

    The last 12 months has been like a breath of fresh air for the Wirral – I reckon we can wave goodbye to that!

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