A Very Sad Day!

Sadly Burton’s Foods have announced the outcome of their company wide business review and have commenced the briefing of the workforce on their decision.    Their review originally recommended the closure of the Moreton Plant and the outsourcing of chocolate refining, however in April it was agreed that the Company would give further consideration to alternative proposals from the Trade Union in relation to the chocolate refining and seasonal assortment packing at the site.    

Whilst the Company has announced that they now intend to maintain the chocolate refining operation at Moreton with the retention of up to 51 jobs and they will be making a capital investment to build the capability of the refining operation,  they have rejected the Trade Union’s proposal with regard to the retention of a seasonal packing operation and their intention is to outsource this activity.  

Whilst I am happy that some jobs have been saved, it is disappointing and distressing that there will still be well over 200 job losses with the impact that will have on those families and the local economy.    Today truly is a sad day for Moreton, and signals the end of an era for biscuit manufacturing on this site.

I also have to put on record my thanks to the Trade Unions, MP’s and the Council for all the work they did in trying to secure these jobs.    You can read what the Council says by clicking HERE

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