Pick It Up, or Pay The Price!

Wirral’s new Conservative-led Council as well as freezing Council Tax, have reduced the running costs of the Council, which has allowed them to invest in important local services.    Tackling those owners who don’t clean up after their pets is one of the new plans.     Now, a permanent new team of officers will be given the job of tackling these irresponsible owners in Moreton and Saughall Massie, as well as across Wirral.    Under Labour administration, just one person in the whole of Wirral was fined for dog fouling.


One thought on “Pick It Up, or Pay The Price!

  1. Whilst walking my daughters to school (Sacred Heart Primary) my youngest stood in some dog poo, she was devastated that other children would laugh at her and say she smelt so I changed her into her P.E. pumps, it has been an ongoing problem for quite a while and although the school send letters home asking for parents not to bring their dogs onto the school grounds they never address the issue of dog fouling and clearing it up. It would be a great help to children not just mine if they didn’t have to walk to school playing dodge the dog poop, Fairmead Road seems to be littered with dog poop we have to dodge and I have seen owners walking their dogs and not clearing up after their pet, so glad that something is actually being done.

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