A Sensible Decision!

Earlier this evening I attended Wirral’s Licensing Health, Safety and General Purposes Committee to listen to the debate on Wirral’s plans for ‘Minimum Pricing for Alcohol’

The results of the consultation was fairly evenly split for and against, and like me, many of the committee thought that the introduction of minimum pricing would not deal with the problems of alcohol induced crime and anti-social behaviour and would in fact penalise responsible drinkers.

Having never been an advocate of a minimum pricing policy I was delighted that the committee voted unanimously to recommend that Cabinet reject progressing with a minimum pricing policy.      

Whilst I recognise that we do have a problem with alcohol abuse in Wirral, as we do across the country, I don’t believe that punishing everyone by increasing prices of alcohol is a fair way to deal with this.       Lets deal with those who abuse alcohol and leave those who drink responsibly alone to enjoy their tipple!


One thought on “A Sensible Decision!

  1. I agree with your tweet and “thank God indeed”. Common sense is not such a common thing, however I am not sure if I sense divine intervention in this case.

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