CCTV in Wirral

Andy, John, ME and Andy in the CCTV Control Room

Yesterday I was delighted to visit the Council’s CCTV Control Centre to meet with the team on duty, John and the two Andy’s, and to discuss the re-introduction of monitoring of the CCTV during the day, a measure brought back by the Conservative-led Council.    

Last time I visited the Control Centre was three years when I was campaigning to stop the Labour-led administration from cutting the service by removing monitoring of the Councils 111 cameras during daytime hours Monday to Friday, sadly that campaign was lost and for the last three years the cameras have been unmonitored on a live basis during those hours.

The staff at the control centre were delighted with the action that the Council has taken in reintroducing daylight monitoring and are looking forward to training new staff on the use of the CCTV cameras.     It also means that with new rotas the current staff will be able to rotate their shifts and not have to continue to work really unsocial hours on a permanent basis.    As one of the guys put it; It will give us our lives back.


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