REFUSED – Victory for People Power

Cllr Steve Williams at the application site

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton Community will be aware that Mono Consultants had submitted a planning application for a 15 metre telephone mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment to be sited in Holt Avenue close to its junction with Hoylake Road.    Local residents , supported by us, immediately sprang into action and wrote letters to Wirral’s Planning Officers, as well as collecting a petition of over 200 signatures  all opposing the application. 

We are delighted to tell you that as a result of this opposition, the Planning Officer dealing with the application has told us that he will be informing the applicants that the application will be REFUSED.   We have therefore agreed that the application can be dealt with under delegated authority, which means that it does not have to go to Wirral’s Planning Committee to be determined.  The applicant does have the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and they have six months in which to submit any appeal.   Should that happen, we will of course inform you of that. 

Thanks to everyone who wrote letters of objection, those who signed the petition, as well as those who helped put the petition together.   This refusal is a testament to your efforts.

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