Pick It Up, or Pay The Price!

Wirral’s new Conservative-led Council as well as freezing Council Tax, have reduced the running costs of the Council, which has allowed them to invest in important local services.    Tackling those owners who don’t clean up after their pets is one of the new plans.     Now, a permanent new team of officers will be given the job of tackling these irresponsible owners in Moreton and Saughall Massie, as well as across Wirral.    Under Labour administration, just one person in the whole of Wirral was fined for dog fouling.

Local Elections 2011

Today sees the first day for submitting nominations papers if you want to seek election to Wirral Council on Thursday May 5th.

Steve Williams

This year I am acting as election agent to my colleague, Steve Williams.   Steve was first elected to Council in November 2009 in a bye-election caused by the sad and tragic death of my colleague, Suzanne Moseley, Steve is up again so soon, because this would have been Suzannes year for re-election.    

Since his election in 2009, Steve has done a tremendous job, both in Council and for the community, he has thrown himself into the role whole heartedly, and I sincerely hope the people of Moreton West and Saughall Massie re-elect him.  

Unlike other political parties, Steve, me, and our colleague Cllr Simon Mountney are visible and accessible all year round, not just at election time.

A Sensible Decision!

Earlier this evening I attended Wirral’s Licensing Health, Safety and General Purposes Committee to listen to the debate on Wirral’s plans for ‘Minimum Pricing for Alcohol’

The results of the consultation was fairly evenly split for and against, and like me, many of the committee thought that the introduction of minimum pricing would not deal with the problems of alcohol induced crime and anti-social behaviour and would in fact penalise responsible drinkers.

Having never been an advocate of a minimum pricing policy I was delighted that the committee voted unanimously to recommend that Cabinet reject progressing with a minimum pricing policy.      

Whilst I recognise that we do have a problem with alcohol abuse in Wirral, as we do across the country, I don’t believe that punishing everyone by increasing prices of alcohol is a fair way to deal with this.       Lets deal with those who abuse alcohol and leave those who drink responsibly alone to enjoy their tipple!

Another Busy Weekend

On Saturday I met up with Steve Smith and the Leasowe and Moreton East Action Team and colleagues, Leah Fraser, Cllr Ian Lewis, Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr James Keeley, Cllr Denis knowles to deliver the latest issues of Newsline across the ward.   The weather was great, bright sunshine and people were delighted to meet us, many of them wanting to chat about local and national issues.   When we finished it was back to Leah’s for bacon batches and chocolate cake.

Today it was over to Upton to meet with Geoff Gubb, and the Conservative Group as well as activists to deliver leaflets and surveys to Upton.   No sunshine I’m afraid but it was dry and and between us we covered lots of the ward.         Now its time for feet up before the start of another very busy week……………….

Young and Old Alike!

On Friday, after accompanying Wirral West MP, Esther McVey to a morning assembly at Weatherhead School, at which she talked of her inspirational ‘bookazine’ “If Chloe Can’ and in my capacity as Wirral’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety, I went along to the official opening of Willow Bank, the new Housing 21 extra care facility for older people based in Gorsey Lane.

The Mayor and his consort were present, and I also met up with Cllr Denis Knowles and local campaigner, Geoff Dormand.     After the usual speeches and a lovely buffet lunch, those who wished to, were given a guided tour of the complex.    It is clear that no expense has been spared and the individual flats are state of the art with everything an older person would need. Speaking to the residents, they spoke as one in saying they are extremely happy to have ended up in such a great complex with caring staff and tremendous neighbours.     This really is a facility and more importantly a community to be proud of.

CCTV in Wirral

Andy, John, ME and Andy in the CCTV Control Room

Yesterday I was delighted to visit the Council’s CCTV Control Centre to meet with the team on duty, John and the two Andy’s, and to discuss the re-introduction of monitoring of the CCTV during the day, a measure brought back by the Conservative-led Council.    

Last time I visited the Control Centre was three years when I was campaigning to stop the Labour-led administration from cutting the service by removing monitoring of the Councils 111 cameras during daytime hours Monday to Friday, sadly that campaign was lost and for the last three years the cameras have been unmonitored on a live basis during those hours.

The staff at the control centre were delighted with the action that the Council has taken in reintroducing daylight monitoring and are looking forward to training new staff on the use of the CCTV cameras.     It also means that with new rotas the current staff will be able to rotate their shifts and not have to continue to work really unsocial hours on a permanent basis.    As one of the guys put it; It will give us our lives back.