Burtons Moreton

Steve Smith in the Blue and Me marching past the Burtons Site

This morning, along with the Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeff Green and my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams, Cllr Ian Lewis and Steve Smith we joined up with around 500 others to march in support of saving the 342 jobs that are under threat at the Burtons site on Pasture Road.    

I used to work at this site, both for Cadbury’s, and in G Block for Tulip International (formerly known as Jaka Foods), and I met my wife in the cakes department, so as well as living in Moreton, and being fortunate enough to be a Councillor for Moreton and Saughall Massie I have a long association and affinity with this site, and will do all I can to help save these jobs and protect this site as a manufacturing site.

I was though, disappointed with the behaviour of a few of the marchers who verbally attacked us calling us scum and chanting Tories off the March.    These are clearly quite sad moronic individuals who had obviously lost site of why we were there.   This is not about party politics, it is about coming together and showing unity to try to save these jobs.   I suppose as they grow up they will learn!


9 thoughts on “Burtons Moreton

  1. Nice to see you there Chris. My favourite moment was when former Unite General Secretary Tony Woodley issued instructions to you and the Councillor Leader to form an orderly line just as the march was about to start. I couldn’t get my camera out in time to record this moment for posterity.

    Good to see you attending, but please don’t use the occasion to make cheap political capital. That really doesn’t serve anybody’s interests. It’s always best to maintain a dignified silence in my opinion.

    I did want to introduce myself, but couldn’t find you anywhere while the speeches were being given. Did you ‘do one’ shortly after the above photo was taken?


  2. Hi Paul, I rearranged my diary for this morning to make sure I could be there, I arriived at 10:15am and along with colleagues did the full march, however as soon as I got back to Leasowe Common I had to leave in order to catch up with my other diary appointments so did not stay for the speeches. As for making political gain, tell those morons who were totally out of order, I am just reporting what happened and never mentioned any political party other than to say we should all be united on this matter, a fact acknowledged by Frank Field, Tony McQuade (former national union officer) and those people who I chatted to on the march!

  3. These ‘morons’ could very well be people who’ve lived through the likes of Thatcher; seen manufacturing reduced to a wasteland and theirs and their families livelihoods go up the creek.

    I wouldn’t label anyone as ‘scum’ but, I can understand their frustration when they turn up for a march and see political representatives (currently in the throes of closing care homes) who might even defend the destructive legacy of Grantham’s ‘finest’.

    I was disappointed that you didn’t post the details of this march – times, assembly point, revised route, etc. to your blog when I sent it three days ago. The details are still ‘awaiting moderation’ even now.

    The turnout may have been even higher if you had given it a platform, and your inaction made me question exactly where your allegiances lie on this one.

  4. There is no comment from you waiting for approval, so where you have sent it I do not know. Now today was about saving 342 jobs, nothing else, so there can be no excuses for the moronic behaviour of any individual. End of. If you want to justify it that really is sad and shows precisely where your allegiances lie!

  5. My allegiances would lie with a representative who didn’t put words into the mouth of his correspondents!

    If you check the above post, I said “I can understand their frustrations”. That falls short of justification in my book. Remember the Lib Dem MP who ‘understood why suicide bombers did what they did’ and was then pilloried by brain-dead illiterates who thought she’d justified it, or possibly even been involved in it?

    Anyway, I did post the march details – to this very blog – on Feb 23rd at 12:22 am. I also posted comments to another of your topics the day after, giving some more detail about the involvement of a US arms company, Lockheed Martin, in the 2011 census. If you want, as categorical proof, I’ll put pictures of these up on the interweb somewhere…..

  6. You can put them anywhere you like, however I can confirm that I have no comments from any source waiting for approval on my blog.

    You cannot wriggle out of justifying the remarks of the sad moronic individuals who called us Scum today, and chanted for Tories to get off the march by trying to shift the emphasis onto some Lib Dem MP. Facts are facts.

  7. Well first of all good luck to the biscuit makers who are losing their jobs at Cadbury and all of the people who attended the march and rally on Saturday, the losses of so many jobs at Cadbury will have a direct affect on an area already reeling with job losses at Champion spark plugs, squibs and the effect of the world wide financial banking crises which has directly effected the construction industry, in particular the building of much needed new homes.

    We live in a democracy, infact the oldest democracy in the world, when Linda Churker lost her seat to Angela Eagle, Linda told a packed Walasey town hall after the count that she was proud to live in a democracy, she also wished Angela the very best of luck, I’d never dreamed that we would have a Labour MP for Walasey, so that night was very memorable and 10 out of 10 to Linda for a memorable speech.

    So once again a few idiots who most definitely don’t understand what a democracy is have tried to spoil what was a really good turnout.

    Good to see you there Chris, hope you might contemplate coming on the London march from victoria embankment to Hyde park on the 26 march.

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