2011 Census

Census day for 2011 is 27 March.   The census is taken under the provisions of the Census Act 1920 and it is compulsory to fully complete and return a census questionnaire.      Each Area has been allocated a Community Advisor whose job it is to try to get the message out loud and clear and to deal with any issues/questions the public may have.

To that end, the Birds and Trees Reidents Association at their meeting on Monday 28th February at St Mary’s Church Centre on Saughall Massie Road will be given a presentation by our Communty Advisor.   The meeting starts at 6:45pm and ends by 8pm latest and all our welcome if they want to find out more about the census.    I will be there and hope to see lots of residents.  

Census questionnaires will be posted out to householders from 7th March and for the first time questionnaires can be completed online, or you can use the traditional method and return in the mail using the prepaid envelope.   If you need a hand with the forms then fromk the 4th March you can call the helpline on 0300 0201 101, if you have hearing impairments call 18001 0300 0201 160 or online at www.census.gov.uk


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