Huge Opposition to Telephone Mast Application!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of the planning application submitted by Mono Consultants on behalf of O2 and Vodafone for a 15 metre mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment on the pavement in Holt Avenue, close to the junction with Hoylake Road.  

As well as residents submitting letters of objection, I have today submitted (electronically) a petition to Wirral’s Planning Department with over 200 signatures from 184 households all objecting to the application.   

It’s not too late for you to object you have right up to the day of the likely committee hearing which is the 8th March.     You can do that by contacting Wirral’s Planning Department at Cheshire Lines Building Canning Street, Birkenhead or via email by clicking HERE.    Please ensure you quote the application number, ANT/11/00113

4 thoughts on “Huge Opposition to Telephone Mast Application!

  1. Chris, are all your mobile phone calls and your thousands of “tweets” routed carefully through a pre-designed network of masts, placed in isolated, windswept areas of the country, thereby avoiding schools, hospitals, public buildings, libraries, etc. and thus reducing the risk of electromagnetic radiation damaging people’s brains or causing cancer in the voting public?

    Perhaps you could do some research in order to confirm this?

    Or is it simply a case of Not In My Back Yard?

  2. I do like the fact that you seem to love my blog so much you are permanently tuned in to it!!!

    However you are again missing the point. I am simply representing the constituents who elected me, it is they who are opposed to this mast, it is they who have collected the petition and asked me to submit it on their behalf, it is they who have asked me to draw attention to this issue. None of the opposition is on health grounds as Wirrals Planners do not take that into account, the objection is on roadside clutter, visual amenity, not compatible with the existing streetscene etc. Do your Councillors not represent your views?

    Oh and by the way, I fully recognise the need for telephone masts, however they need to be placed wherever possible in appropriate locations. Like the residents I represent, I do not believe this to be an appropriate location, neither did Wirral’s Planning Committee in 2007 when it refused an application by T Mobile at this very location. I sincerely hope that they will be consistent…. I hope that helps.

  3. Sorry Chris. You can’t claim me as your own. I’m not ‘permanently’ on your site. Too busy.

    I also post to Denis Knowles’ blog. In fact, check it out – I’ve just fired a message off in the last few minutes, putting him straight on benefit cheats / tax cheats and how one dwarfs the other by a factor of 10 – but that’s another story.

    Thanks for that information about ‘street clutter’ as opposed to ‘health grounds’. I didn’t know that. I personally think planners are somewhat duplicitous, not accepting appeals on the grounds of health concerns.

    If you go onto any Royal Navy warship, there is a red “do not enter” circle placed around all transmitting aerials. The high frequency ‘whip’ aerials you should not approach to within about 15 feet. That, I’d say, is a tacit acknowledgment that the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation are a concern to the powers that be in the UK. Think on….

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