Your Neighbourhood, Your Issues, Your Views

As you may know from our regular newsletters and websites, I, along with Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney are helping residents on some of the issues in our local community.     Me, Steve and Simon think it’s really important that we work on all the issues that matter to our area

At the end of this post is a brief online survey to ask for your views on your neighbourhood and wider issues – such as tackling welfare abuse, supporting pensioners and helping children and families. 

Later this month, the Council’s budget will be voted on.    The new Conservative-led Council is also working hard to freeze your Council Tax this year.     Unlike some other councils, Wirral is reducing what is spent on administration while protecting spending on important services that we all rely on. 

As well as getting the Council’s finances in order, we must also help our local economy to recover from the country’s debt crisis.     We are expanding the apprenticeship programme and have appointed a ‘Jobs Commission’.      This will look at the ways in which the Council can support existing employers and new jobs. 

I hope you will spare a few minutes to tell us your views.  The Leader of the Council has also asked for your permission to see your reply – if you agree, simply tick the box at the start of the survey.     To take part in the survey simply click HERE


2 thoughts on “Your Neighbourhood, Your Issues, Your Views

  1. Chris, the survey wouldn’t let me leave a comment to one question so here’s my comment!:

    The current road resurfacing method is little more than cosmetic as one bad spell of weather proves. It must be more cost-effective to make a proper job of re-surfacing in the first place instead of using a company that seems to magically be able to do a whole area (badly) in a day.

    Open spaces are going downhill fast. High-speed mowing and leaving the cuttings to rot turns nice grassed areas into festering piles which no longer supports grass and turns into mud baths. pathways strewn with rotting grass deteriorate faster than ones kept clean.

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