Well Done ADDY!

After a very busy morning, followed by a Community Safety Partnership meeting at Wallasey Town Hall, I went on to the Moreton Community Centre in Maryland Lane to attend a’Valentine Dance’, when I arrived my colleague Cllr Steve Williams was already there, and was just about to do the raffle.   (He was banned from having any tickets because of his reputation for winning).   Immediately after the raffle, Addy was presented with flowers and a gift by her very proud daughter, Michelle.

Me, Addy and Cllr Steve Williams

The event was organised by Addy (Adeline) from the ‘Age Concern Shop’ at Moreton Cross and followed the succesful ‘Tea Dance’ she organised in August last year with all the proceeds going to Age Concern.

The Community Centre was buzzing, there must have been well over 100 people there all dancing along to the disco before enjoying a great buffet.   I understand the Disco, and the food was donated, and I have to say it was a great spread. 

I could not stay too long as I had to rush off to do an interview, and when I left the music kicked in and the dance floor was full again.    I understand that this event raised well over £1200.00, so a huge ‘Well Done to Addy’.    She is already planning the next event for September and the date is in my diary.


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