Just What Is The Problem?

The proposal to reduce all councillors allowances by 5% was put forward by the new Conservative-led Administration and was unanimously agreed by Council at its meeting in December.  This was in addition to the voluntary cut of 5% taken by the 10 Cabinet Members.  (7 Conservatives, 3 Lib Dems)

Sadly, it appears that although there was not one dissenting voice in Council the Leader of the Labour Group wants to delay a reduction in Councillors Allowances, and as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong) not one Labour Member has signed up to take the 5% reduction ? 

All 27  Conservative Councillors have notified the council’s Director of Law to reduce their allowances by 5% – I urge Labour councillors to do the same.  After all we are all in this together – or are we?


10 thoughts on “Just What Is The Problem?

  1. Has the Director of Law bothered to answer your request yet? If he doesn’t, you may end up keeping your 5%. I hope you keep pressing him to get it done quickly. I mean your heart is really in this isn’t it? Can you confirm where the process is up to right now?

  2. Dear Mr Cardin, I thought the blog made it very clear. 27 Conservatives (the whole group) have all agreed to a 5% reduction in their basic allowances. Personally I have also taken a further 5% reduction in my Cabinet Allowance, as have all Cabinet members, and finally when allowances were increased about three years ago I declined that increase.

    I have been open and transparent with the public in everything I do, so yes my heart is in this, and as I have demonstrated it is not words it is action that matters. Therefore your question of where the process is up to know may be better aimed at those, who as yet have not taken a reduction! Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks. Please can you post the details up here when it kicks in, along with before and after annual figures for the full extent of your allowances?

  4. Actually, your link doesn’t help much. That’s one huge site. I’m busy, and really could have done with something more targetted.

    Rex Makin stated in the Echo the other day that the tunnels board which you sit on has (inexplicably) 16 or more members and is one of the most highly-remunerated. I’d agree with him that this is an unnecessary drain on public funds. Why not just have you and say 4 others?

    Please can you tell me, and reader of this blog, how much you receive per annum and indeed, whether this figure will be impacted by the voluntary 5% cut?

    Many thanks in advance for your openness and transparency this time around,


  5. Dear Mr Cardin, I do not sit on the Tunnels Board, and as I understand it only the Chairman and Vice Chairman are remunerated so clearly Rex Makin has his facts wrong, unless of course you have misunderstood him? Perhaps if you contact Merseytravel direct they will give you that answer? I am a member of the Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority (MITA) which has 18 members, perhaps that is what you are referring to?

    My allowances for both the Council and MITA are published annually, Council allowances on the Wirral Council website and MITA allowances on the Merseytravel website and both sites and therefore allowances paid to all members are open to public scrutiny. I have already explained fully in a previous comment that I declined an increase in Councillors allowances about three years ago and I have taken a 5% reduction in my Cabinet Allowance from last May and I have agreed to take a 5% reduction, effective the 1st of February 2011 from my basic allowance. Clearly taking a reduction of 5% has an impact. Hope this helps, best wishes Cllr Chris Blakeley

  6. Thanks. Rex Makin referred to it as the decision of the MPTE board in Friday Feb 11’s Echo. I’ll assume he meant MITA as they made the decision.

  7. A quick soloution would be for you Chris, to place you allowances for last year here then, Mr Cardin could take 5% away and times it by 27 to give him a rough figure of the saving to the taxpayers of Wirral.

  8. The information about allowance is i the pulic domain on http://www.wirral.gov.uk However for clarity amounts paid for2009/10 can be found here: http://www.wirral.gov.uk/my-services/council-and-democracy/your-councillors/councillors-allowances, the 2010/11 allowances will be published at the end of the municipal year. You will note that I claim no travel expenses from the Council and I did not take the increase of £171.00 when it was offered about 3 years ago. When I became a Cabinet Member in May last year I also took a 5% reduction in that allowance. Hope that helps

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