Power – Information from NGrid

Yesterday I went to Moreton Community Centre to see the Public Information Event hosted by  National Grid and SP Transmission, and to discuss the many issues and concerns that people have brought to my attention.     National Grid and SP Transmission are planning to bring power from Scotland to the North West of England and the way they want to achieve that is through a HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) link from Scotland to Connahs Quay.     

The turnout for the event, which was on between 2pm and 8pm was tremendous, I got there at about 4pm and I was told that in the first two hours almost 100 people had called in.     It was good to see many people from various parts of the Borough attending obviously concerned about the plans.  Most people were most interested in the proposed route and where the cable would come ashore somewhere between Leasowe Lighthouse and Meols. as yet no final decision has been made on that.

It was also pleasing to see so  many other councillors attending, during the period I was there.   Steve Williams, Ian Lewis, Wendy Clements , Don McCubbin and also Leah Fraser, were all there gathering information that they can impart to constituents who are concerned about this issue.        I will wait for residents reactions to the plans. You can follow the developments on NGrids website by clicking here.


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