Alcohol Fuelled Anti-Social Behaviour!

An application has been made by Tesco to sell alcohol at its yet to be built store, on the site of the former Plough Pub near to Moreton Cross.    Tesco’s want to sell alcohol from 8am till 11pm every night.    However the Police’s newly published crime data shows the area to be an anti social behaviour hotspot.  In December 2010 there were 19 incidents of anti social behaviour near to the site of the store, along with four further violent crimes.

I do hope that Wirral’s Licensing Committee, when they consider this application take into account the new Police data, common sense surely would dictate that these hours are far too long and would only serve to add to alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour and crime.


One thought on “Alcohol Fuelled Anti-Social Behaviour!

  1. I would imagine that the area is only a hot spot because of the presence of the Plough, which of course isn’t there any more… personally I’d rather have the sale of alcohol in the hands of a recognised retailer with stringent measures in place to combat underage drinking than some of the independents who don’t seem to have any compunction at all with regards who hey sell booze to…

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