Two Down – Not a Good Day for Vodafone or O2

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton Community will be aware that last year Wirral’s Planners refused permission for a Telephone Mast on Town Meadow Lane, near to Linear Park.       Vodafone and O2 the operators were not happy with that decision and lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate.

Local residents supported by me, Steve and Simon set about submitting a petition, lodging letters of objection and making the inspector aware that it would be wrong to overturn Wirral Planners decision.

I am therefore delighted that I have been notified that the Planning Inspector has dismissed the appeal and told Vodafone and O2 that a mast at this location was inappropriate.    You can read the Insectors report by clicking HERE.

Seems with Saughall Massie Road refusal, and now Town Meadow Lane, that its not a good day for Vodafone or O2.     I have just learned that they have now submitted an application for Holt Avenue.    Lets hope we eventually get a hat trick of refusals!


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